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MDRejuvena products MDRejuvena features Phytochromatic MD™ Complex, a naturally-derived, plant-based ingredient clinically proven to provide a number of important skincare benefits for healthier and more radiant skin. This natural liposomal complex provides a multi-functional approach to improving the signs of stress, unbalances and aging skin, irregular pigment, dull, sallow appearance and skin coarseness. Providing the skin what it naturally craves results in the appearance of healthier and more radiant skin.

What is Phytochromatic MD™ Complex? Phytochromatic MD™ complex contains copper that is bound to the water soluble chlorophyll molecule, chlorophyllin, which allows for slow release of copper in the skin. Copper is needed for a number of important enzymes that have various functions in the skin. As skin ages, changes in these copper-dependent enzymes can result in fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone. .